PE and the ECG

29 Dec

–retrospective chart review, 130 patients with diagnosed PEs, 140 controls with negative CTPAs
–checked 15 different ECG parameters between the groups, to see if people with PEs had particular ECG findings that normals didn’t

Sinus tachycardia (found in 39% of PE group vs. 24% of control group, P <0.01)
S1 Q3 T3 pattern (12% vs. 3%, P <0.01)
–atrial tachyarrhythmias (15% vs. 4%, P <0.005)
–Q wave in lead III (40% vs. 26%, P <0.02)
–Q3 T3 pattern (8% vs. 1%, P <0.02)

–“We conclude that 1) standard 12-lead ECG findings can increase the pretest probability of pulmonary embolism before performing CT pulmonary angiography; and that 2) the ECG findings have relatively low likelihood ratios to have clinical use.”

Reference(s): study, picture


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