what’s a normal alkaline phosphatase level in children?

4 Jan

This study linked below analyzed nearly 1700 serum samples from children age 0 – 18.  About 80 of the children had liver disease.  They considered an alk phos of 335 to be the upper limit of normal in childhood.  Most of their data topped out at under an alk phos of 250-ish.

–not sure I can post their figures up without permission, but if you have a minute, click the link, look at figures 1 & 2, figure 2 mainly. picture’s worth a thousand words.

Submitted by J. Gullo.

Reference(s): Knight JA, Haymond RE. gamma-Glutamyltransferase and alkaline phosphatase activities compared in serum of normal children and children with liver disease. Clin Chem. 1981 Jan;27(1):48-51., picture

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