possible open joint: how much do I infuse?

22 May

–patient arrives with wound around the knee
–want to inject saline in the joint capsule to see if it is open (if it leaks)
–how much saline do I put in there?

Keese et al. The Accuracy of the Saline Load Test in the Diagnosis of Traumatic Knee Arthrotomies. J. Orthop Trauma. 21;7. Aug 2007.

–study of 30 patients undergoing arthroscopy

–after arthroscopy hole was made each knee was injected with saline and measure how much it took until extravasation was seen.

–50ml of saline gave 46% sensitivity
–194ml of saline gave 95% sensitivity. 

–standard 50ml injection not great sensitivity in this small study
–200cc NS seemed to do the trick

Submitted by T. Boyd.

Reference(s): article, picture


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