cervical artery dissection: quick review

23 May


first consult call to Neurologists (less commonly Vascular Surgeons)

–Vascular imaging is a must, but CTA is more sensitive than MRA.  

–To catch on MRI, specific sequences are required so check with your Neurologist/Radiologist to figure out which.  

Dissections that extend intracranially have a high incidence of forming SAH, especially when heparin is started, thus making heparin have higher mortality than anti-platelet drugs.  

Extracranial dissections are usually treated with antiplatelet drugs and anticoagulation

Submitted by T. Boyd.

Reference(s): Shea et al. Carotid and Vertebral Artery Dissections in the Emergency Department. Emergency Medicine Practice.14;4. April 2012; picture


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