Ruptured Globe Management in the ED

27 Jun

Exam findings for open globe include:

  • obvious corneal/scleral laceration,
  • volume loss to eye,
  • uveal/iris/ciliary body prolapse,
  • eccentric pupil,
  • intraocular protruding foreign body.

Initial management of the open globe in the ED includes:

  • CT imaging with orbital cuts,
  • NPO,
  • do not remove foreign bodies,
  • avoiding eye manipulation as to avoid increasing intraocular pressure,
  • elevate HOB to 30 degrees,
  • treat nausea aggressively,
  • analgesia,
  • avoiding eye drops,
  • IV antibiotics,
  • definitive care by ophthalmology 

Submitted by W. Brooks.

Reference(s):; picture


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