elderly patients with a hip fracture

27 Jul

Hung, William “Hip Fracture Management”:

Question: In the acute setting, what actually improves the ADLs of elderly patients with a hip fracture

Methods: MEDLINE and Cochrane database search for hip fracture and then ranked the evidence


Operative management had a level 1B

–No difference vs early vs delayed surgery

VTE prophylaxis had a 1A

Early ambulation had a level 3

Biphosphates after fracture had a 1B

Teaching points: Elderly patients with hip fractures do better with surgery and likely better with early ambulation.  Don’t be shy calling your ortho colleagues from the ER to admit these patients. They can’t walk. They will likely need surgery. Surgery tends to help ADLs. There you go.

Submitted by W. Rushton.

Reference(s): Hung, William “Hip Fracture Management” JAMA May 23/30 Vol 307, No 20; picture


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