OSA and Risk of Hypertension

7 Aug

Mairin et al:

Question: Several studies link OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) to hypertension and risk of CV disease. Is CPAP treatment effective at mitigating these risks?

Methods: A prosepective study of 1889 participants without HTN were referred to a sleep center in Spain. SBP >140 or being placed on an anti-hypertensive at the 1 year follow up visit was documented and compared against rates of the general population

Results: 37% of the OSA-ers developed HTN.

The ratios are as followed:

 –National Control: 2.19persons/100 (1.7-2.67)

 –OSA ineligible for CPAP tx: 3.34 (2.85-3.82)

 –OSA declined CPAP tx: 5.84(4.8-6.8)

 –OSA treated with CPAP 3.06 (2.7-3.4)

Teaching points:

Patients with OSA were at increased risk for the development of HTN. Successful placement on CPAP however mitigated the risk of developing HTN.

When risk stratifying our patients in the acute setting for CV disease, it is important to know if they are compliant with their CPAP.

Submitted by W. Rushton.

Reference(s): Mairin et al. “Assoication Between Treated and Untreated OSA and Risk of Hypertension” JAMA May 23/30 2012 VOL 307, No 20; picture


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