adult intussusception

2 Nov



–Forty-one patients with 44 intussusceptions that went to the OR

–70.7% of the patients presented with intestinal obstruction.

–20 enteric, 15 ileocolic, eight colocolonic and one sigmoidorectal intussusceptions.

65.9% of intussusceptions were diagnosed preoperatively using a computed tomography (CT) scan(90.5% accurate) and ultrasonography (60.0% accurate, rising to 91.7% for patients who had a palpable abdominal mass). Coloscopy located the occupying lesions of the lead point of ileocolic, colocolonic and sigmoidorectal intussusceptions.

–Four intussusceptions in three patients were simply reduced. Twenty-one patients underwent resection after primary reduction. There was no mortality and anastomosis leakage perioperatively

–Pathologically, 54.5% of the intussusceptions had a tumor, of which 27.3% were malignant. 9.1% comprised nontumorous polyps.


References: Wang N, et al. Adult intussusception: a retrospective review of 41 cases. World J Gastroenterol. 2009 Jul 14;15(26):3303-8.; picture


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