tip of the day: tegaderm the eye

14 Nov


When you need to do a procedure around the eye, but would prefer not to have anything drip IN the eye (e.g. local anesthetic, blood, irrigation, ultrasound gel, dermabond, etc.)…



adhesive dressing commonplace in the ER setting, often used for IV/line dressings.

appropriately sticky, but doesn’t tear off all the hairs/eyelashes on removal



ocular ultrasound — slap a tegaderm over a closed eyelid, pile up your ultrasound gel on top of that, ultrasound away

laceration repair

  • found this useful for protecting the eye from runoff when working on eyebrow lacs and other facial lacs in the same real estate


  • handy in kids, who may be less cooperative keeping the eye closed during a procedure


  • +/- gauze between the tegaderm & the eye


  • extra note: might be good to cover BOTH eyes in some kids, as I had a kid who kept turning his head to try and keep his uncovered eye on what was going on


  • crashing patient.com had a tip on cutting a hole in the tegaderm to accomodate a lac, applying dermabond, and then removing the tegaderm while the dermabond was semi-dry.  nice protective dressing for the procedure, clean edged dermabond patch after.
    • I may try this with EMLA (topical anesthetic) cream the next chance I get


Feel free to submit your suggestions as well.


References: crashingpatient.com wound management site; picture


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