holiday weight gain

20 Nov

Little something for the Thanksgiving layover (gobble gobble):


Weight and body composition change over a six-week holiday period:

Change in weight and body composition was assessed over a six-week holiday period, prior to Thanksgiving Day through after New Year’s Day

Thirteen men and 21 women ranging in age from 23-61 years

majority of participants (24 of 34) perceived that they had gained weight, and four did gain ≥2 kg.

on average there was no difference between pre-holiday weight (74.0±17.8 kg) and post-holiday weight (73.9±18.1 kg), nor between pre-holiday body fat percentage (25.4±9.0%) and post-holiday body fat percentage (25.4±8.9%).


Holiday weight gain: fact or fiction?

convenience sample of 195 adults. 6-week winter period from Thanksgiving through New Years

On average, weight gain averaged only 0.37 kg.

weight gain was greater among individuals who were overweight or obese, and 14% gained >2.3 kg (5 lb).

absolute values for weight gain in this study were less than anticipated.



we gain weight, but maybe less than we think

–happy thanksgiving


References: weight & body composition article; holiday weight gain article; picture


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