Externally rotate leg for femoral vein access

4 Dec

nice recent post from the resusme.em blog:https://i0.wp.com/api.ning.com/files/o3W3Ydp-V7LHhx-x9byaKfB98aHjmc6bqsRMAjep937QjHqn7gKwachqQLcwcgGnf7Bk6qCYaQ-6hTQibmm4MHvK-7bqM1gq/femoralsheath.jpg

click the link to read the article summary


suggestion: externally rotate leg for femoral vein access

what it does: increase accessible diameter ~1-2 mm, decrease depth of femoral vein by ~2mm.


NAVEL (lateral to medial: Nerve, Artery, Vein, Empty-space, Lymphatics)

venous to the penis (thanks, D.C., for teaching me this inappropriately memorable memory aid)


easy enough to do, seems to help a little.  worth a shot.

References: resusme post; picture


One Response to “Externally rotate leg for femoral vein access”


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