abdominal pain duration and the accuracy of imaging in pediatric appendicitis

28 Jan

Article by Bachur et al:

The effect of abdominal pain duration on the accuracy of diagnostic imaging for pediatric appendicitis.

duration of abdominal pain is associated with severity of disease (risk of appendiceal perforation generally after 24-48 hrs duration of symptoms)

makes sense that the angrier/more inflamed the appendix gets, the easier it is to see on imaging (particularly ultrasound)



1,810 children (age 3-18)

  •  1,216 (68%) assessed by CT
  • 832 (46%) by ultrasonography
  • (238 [13%] had both) 



  • in kids with suspected appy, CT is highly sensitive regardless of symptom duration
  • ultrasound is less sensitive with <48 hrs pain


References: Annals article; picture


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