vent settings crib sheet

12 Feb

Okay, you’ve intubated your patient. Pat yourself on the back & walk away?  Oh wait, RT is there asking you what you want your initial vent settings. What do you tell them?


HIGHLIGHTS (from this blog post/videos via Weingart):


the INJURED lung:

  • initial tidal volume: 6-8 mLs/kg
  • initial respiratoryrate: 16-18/min
  • Do not fear rolling up your patients PEEP: PEEP of 18–24 not uncommon


the OBSTRUCTED (asthma, COPD) lung:

  • initial tidal volume: 8 mLs/kg
  • FiO2: 40-100%
  • PEEP: zero
  • respiratory rate: 10/min (start low & titrate)
  • I:E ratio of 1:4 or 1:5
  • give time for alveoli to empty before next breath
  • If your patient is crashing the first thing you need to do is disconnect them from the ventilator

References: the aforementioned post


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