pain scores among ED patients (by diagnosis)

1 May

Interesting article (by Marco et al), if only to see the subjective reporting of pain scores for various conditions.  (check out table 4 in the article for the full pain scores). 



retrospective chart review

1229 patients

mean triage pain score for everyone: 7.1 


Top 3 (mean pain score in parentheses):

  • sickle cell crisis (8.7)
  • back/neck/shoulder pain (8.5)
  • headache/migraines (8.3)


Other notables

  • dental pain (8.1)
  • muscle sprain/strain/spasm (7.6)
  • fracture/dislocation (7.0)
  • chest pain (6.6)


Of course, all this is self-reported, very subjective, confounded by chronic conditions, addiction/dependence, etc.  But interesting, nonetheless.


When in doubt, you can also just use this pain scale, too:

References: journal of EM article; picture & original picture origin


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