cool site: the procedural pause

4 Jun

Sweet new blog (The Procedural Pause) via the Emergency Medicine News mag/website that’s a great procedural (duh) resource.  Has an RSS feed link, for easy addition to your blog reader apps.


Authored by Dr. James Roberts (of Roberts & Hedges fame) & his daughter (an ACNP).  

the pictures alone are pretty great. a picture is truly worth a thousand words (particularly for visual learners).  


check it out at your leisure.


(standard disclaimer: i have no conflicts, just checked out the site and thought it was quite useful)


References: the site link once again; picture from site



One Response to “cool site: the procedural pause”

  1. Martha A. Roberts, ANCP February 3, 2015 at 13:18 #

    Really love that our blog was highlighted on your page! Very cool. Thank you for the shout out. We could always another fan. Next month we are starting videos. You can catch one of the first ones on YOUTUBE – but be sure to stay tuned into EM NEWS

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