THE MISFITS: neonatal catastrophies

12 Jun

memory aids are our friends:

quick hit today.  here’s a little mnemonic (an oldie, but a goodie) to help remember the possibilities when you have a sick neonate:



T – Trauma (accidental or not), thermal, tumor

– Heart, hypoxia, hypovolemia

E – Endocrine (CAH, TSH, DM)

M – Metabolic (electrolytes, acid base, anion gap, non anion gap)

I – Inborn errors of metabolism

S – Sepsis

F – Feeding (hyponatraemia from formula errors)

– Intestinal disasters (Malrotation, volvulus, NEC, Pyloric stenosis, intussusception)

T – Toxins

S – Seizures


There you go.  Might help give your mind a starting point the next time you have a sick baby, which is probably the time when your brain most wants to shut off, and/or initiate a code brown.


References: nice EDTCC blog post on the crashing neonate; medscape; overview article; picture


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