Kawasaki Disease (30-second review)

20 Jun

Sensitivity of physical exam findings:

Fever x 5 days plus at least 4/5 of:

1. Conjunctival injection (bilateral)

2. MM changes (eg. Fissured lips, strawberry tongue)

3. Polymorphous rash

4. Extremity changes (edema, desquamation)

5. Cervical LAD

 Sensitivity 90%, specificity 54%


20-25% develop coronary aneurysms, typically clinically silent until sudden death


IVIG reduces aneurysms to only 2-4% cases


MIMICKERS – GAS pharyngitis (scarlet fever), measles


Med-school mnemonic: CRASH & BURN

  • Conjunctivitis
  • Rash
  • Adenopathy/Aneurysm
  • Strawberry tongue
  • Hand/foot induration/desquamation


  • BURN – fever x 5 days



Submitted by J. Andrick.


References: Kawasaki Syndrome, Burns, Glode review Lancet 2004; Kawasaki Disease II Yim et al. J Ped Child Health.; picture


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