Ultrasound for globe rupture diagnosis

8 Jul


Your next patient is a 32 yo male shop worker who had something hit him in the eye.  His eye is nearly swollen shut, and he’s in so much distress, he’s not about to let you take him to CT.  You slug him with some pain medicine, but in the meantime, is there anything you can do at the bedside to see if he’s got an open globe?



One study shows sensitivity 79%, specificity 51%.


IOP increased 5% with ultrasound application, but with clear plastic barrier there was no increased IOP.

findings indicating the diagnosis

  • loss of spherical shape,
  • scalloping of posterior globe away from the orbital wall,
  • lens dislocation


Submitted by J. Andrick.


References: The Utility of Bedside Ultrasound in the Detection of a Ruptured Globe in a Porcine Model. Chandra et al. West J Emerg Med. 2009 November; 10(4): 263–266.; picture from sonoguide.com


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