wisdom from knuckleballers

19 Jul

Something a little low-impact (but with high-yield inspiration), for the weekend.

Recently saw the baseball documentary Knuckleball, which had some wisdom from pitcher Phil Niekro that’s true to life (and our practice), felt the need to share.


“You have to accept losses without being defeated.”


In another article, he explains further:

“My philosophy toward life and athletics is very simple and similar…First, you can’t control what happens to you; second, you CAN control how you react to what happens to you. “


Fits for life in general, but particularly for our profession.  People get sick, some sicker than others.  Some patients will die, often even despite all our efforts.  Sometimes, we lose (and based on the personality types that abound in our profession, we hate losing).  

Our job requires us to acknowledge, learn from what happened, but also move on.  Next patient.  Next shift.  Shake it off.  Clean slate.


Once again, the words of Phil Niekro: 

“You have to accept losses without being defeated.”


Learn from the losses.  But keep heart, use that knowledge next time, try again, help the next patient.   


Stay strong.  


References: article 1, article 2; movie; picture


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