Adult epiglottitis: what are the signs?

29 Jul


  • sore throat or odynophagia (90 to 100 %)
  • Fever ≥37.5ºC (26 to 90 %)
  • Muffled voice (50 to 80 %)
  • Drooling (15 to 65 %)
  • Stridor or respiratory compromise (33 %)
  • Hoarseness (20 to 40 %)

progression of symptoms in adults is slower than that in children

one series of 106 patients,

  • 65% presented within two days of symptom onset,
  • 9% (a decent number) presented more than one week later



Use of glucocorticoids is controversial without clear evidence either way

Empiric abx should be combination therapy with 3rd gen cephalosporin and MRSA coverage


Submitted by J. Stanton.


References:; picture



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