Transient Global Amnesia (quick review)

17 Oct

reversible anterograde amnesia accompanied by repetitive questioning

occurs in middle-aged and elderly individuals. 

primary site of neurologic functional disturbance is the medial temporal lobe.

pathophys: unknown

shares some features with transient ischemic attack (TIA),

  • duration of less than 24 hours
  • occurrence in older adults.
  • Some episodes of TGA have occurred in settings associated with acute CVA, such as
    • vertebral artery angioplasty/stenting
    • basilar artery thrombosis
    • aortic dissection
    • hypercoagulable state

There have also been well-described stroke syndromes that produce acute amnesia, similar to TGA. 


similar to TIA/CVA:

  • observe until the episode resolves.
  • tests to exclude intoxication, infection, and metabolic derangements.
  • Brain MRI with DWI recommended

prognosis usually benign (but TIA/CVA less benign, so do the workup)


Submitted by H. Reed-Day.


References:; picture



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