video refresher: ED thoracotomy

15 Nov


Repost, but a great video by Scott Wiengart, ~35 min, with awesome visuals and some great tips. watched it again myself recently. 


TIPS FROM THE VIDEO (for those short on time):

slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

make sure someone else (if available) is still running the code

wear a face-shield & mask; double-glove

INCISION: curve up to armpit (follow rib-line)

CUTTING THE PERICARDIUM: cut anteriorly/medially (the ‘ceiling’); the phrenic is lateral

HOLE IN THE HEART? — put your finger ON (not in) the hole. 

CROSS CLAMP AORTA? run the back of your hand along the posterior ribs, and it should be the first tubular structure your fingers touch.


References: weingart EMcrit video


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    […] check out this old post for a great video review by Weingart. […]

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