vagal maneuver tips & tricks for SVT

3 Dec

came across this trick from an old ALiEM post on how to get an SVT patient to valsalva:

  • lay patient supine
  • place your hands near their umbilicus
  • apply firm pressure (tell the patient what you’re doing)
  • ask the patient to push you away with their stomoach
  • they will tense their abs and bear down to do this
  • hopefully, they will vagal and break themselves out of SVT


some other vagal techniques seen & heard:

  • ice pack to face (for the cold effect; no need for trauma)
  • blowing through a syringe
  • ‘pretend you’re having a bowel movement’
  • IV placement (seen this break SVT while the nurse placed an IV for the planned adenosine)


Feel free chip in with other ideas/success stories in the comments!


References: ALiEM post; picture


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