tramadol efficacy?

20 Mar

mythbuster article by Dr. Klauer in January’s ACEP Now.  covers a few topics, but here’s one highlight


TRAMADOL: Not the best analgesic

meta-analysis, 1197 patients (age range, 16-46 years) 

patients with dental pain s/p molar extraction

Pain relief was superior to placebo (P < or = .0001) for all treatments.

Pain relief provided by tramadol/ APAP was superior to that of tramadol or APAP alone


order of efficacy (at eight hours):

  • ibuprofen 400mg,
  • tramadol/APAP 75/650,
  • APAP 650,
  • tramadol 75,
  • placebo


onset of pain relief

  • tramadol/APAP (75 mg/650 mg) – 17 min
  • APAP 650 mg – 18 min
  • ibuprofen 400 mg – 34 min
  • tramadol 75 mg – 51 min
  • placebo – 66 min

on a brief pubmed search, there seem to be a number of maxillofacial articles that have NSAIDs (diclofenac, tramadol) more effective than tramadol as well.  food for thought.


References: ACEP Now article; original article; diclofenac vs.; tramadol vs; picture



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