obstacle race injuries

22 Apr

Interesting article in the March Annals, cases series of a few folks after a Tough Mudder in a Pennsylvania ED:

some highlights from the interesting unique cases:

18 yo M with chest discomfort after electrical shocks in the last obstacle; troponins rose to 23 by the 3rd TnI; diagnosed with myocarditis 2/2 electrical shock

a few syncope/seizure types, with diagnoses ranging from possible pericarditis, electrolyte imbalance (Na+ 127), MCA/PCA strokes, dehydration/rhabdo.

overall, 38 ED patients/22,000 participants (over 100 activated EMS, but many treated & refused transport); an overview of injury types

  • fractures
  • dislocations
  • effusions
  • heat injury
  • electrical injury
  • seizure
  • contusions/abrasions/lacs
  • dehydration
  • sprains/strains

SHOCK OBSTACLE (“Electroshock Therapy”, “Electric Eel”)

interesting notes about the rare folks who came in after this

  • tough to correlate causality, given they just went through an exhausting course before the last obstacle
  • website states as much as 10k vols (for reference, some tazers deliver 50k volts)
  • folks are wet (sweat, other obstacles)
  • troponin elevations have been documented in competitive exercise alone (e.g. marathons)


Please be careful at your next race, and keep an open mind with your next post-race patient.

References: annals article; picture


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