Blakemore tube for upper GI bleed

12 May

Handy how-to from Dr. Weingart on his EMCrit blog (It’s a bit complicated, so the video is worth a watch):




your patient should be intubated (this would not be comfortable)


gastric balloon and esophageal balloon, so good to sort (and temporarily stop, hopefully) a bleed there.  

if the bleed is lower (e.g. duodenal), this won’t help.

gastric balloon is volume (50 mL prior to X-ray confirmation, then another 200mL)

esophageal balloon is pressure-based (hook to sphygmomanometer via 3-way stopcock, 30-45 mmHg)

pre-mark the extra NG tube prior to inserting the Blakemore, so you know where you’re suctioning


Knowing is half the battle. Check it out.


References: EMCrit blog (+ picture)


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