common dental diagnoses

29 Jul


inflammation of the operculum (overlying tissues over an erupting tooth) when food gets stuck under it and inflammation gets bad.


Dental Caries

breakdown of the enamel to expose the dentin which can cause pain



two kinds – reversible and irreversible.

Occurs when the enamel and dentin are breached.

Usually heat or cold, or sweet sensitivity like with caries.

If pain is spontaneous, it usually means irreversible pulpitis with pulpal death or necrosis.

Penicillin VK or Clindamycin are treatment with dental referral for definitive root canal therapy or dental extraction.


Periapical abscess or periradicular periodontitis

The disease extends beyond the pulp to the root and apex of the tooth and surrounding tissues

may have formed a track for infection to drain (periapical abscess with sinus/fistula) or not (periapical abscess without sinus/fistula).

pain with percussion of the tooth is characteristic.


Submitted by J. Stone.


References: (Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine Chapter 240); picture


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