brain jog of the day: lactic acidosis

15 Sep

Something light to start off the week and jog your memory:

Check out this chart via Medscape, refresh your mind on the various potential reasons for LACTIC ACIDOSIS:


Most of the time we focus on the possibility of ischemia/hypoperfusion as the reason for lactic acidosis, but this chart is a quick reminder to consider other options as well.  Some highlighted alternatives:

  • hypoxia
  • hepatic/renal dysfunction (impaired lactate clearance)
  • salicylates (e.g. uncoupling)
  • anti-retrovirals
  • valproic acid
  • biguanides (e.g. metformin)
  • seizures 


Remember, you can’t diagnose it if it never crosses your mind.  


References: medscape article (includes chart)


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