mental toughness

2 Oct

There’s a recent podcast on Weingart’s EMCrit blog with Michael Lauria, former pararescue, that is worth a listen.  If nothing else, there are some nice takeaways on how we can build mental toughness that could be applicable to the ED and medicine in general.



Tactical Breathing:

4 seconds in, 4 seconds out

helps calm the mind, slow the HR, particularly in a stressful situation

personally, I do a version of this before every shift (deep breath before stepping into the ED), and encourage some learners to take a deep breath before giving presentations

Stress Inoculation:

extend optimum performance under stress by inoculation (training under stress)

Mental Simulation:

the mind is the best simulator

Confident Posturing:

those who took a confident posture (even for a moment before interviews) did better

personally, I think there are times for this (e.g. in a code/critical resus), where standing at the foot of the bed with a confident posture (and tone) filters down that energy to your team in the room.  

guess it makes sense that it might actually help your own mental state/performance, too.

those were my takeaways.  give it a listen, see what you can absorb.


References: EMCrit podcast; picture

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