improvised Stryker for compartment pressure

3 Nov

came across a good picture that helps describe an improvised tool to measure compartment pressure, if you can’t find a Stryker needle/device:


basic setup:

  • 18-gauge needle connected by IV tubing to a stopcock.
  • 20 cc syringe is attached to the stopcock and used to draw a small amount of saline halfway into the tubing.
  • other port of the stopcock is attached by IV tubing to a blood pressure manometer.
  • All ports of the stopcock are then opened
  • air is slowly injected with the syringe until the air/fluid column in the tubing begins to move toward the needle.
  • pressure at which this happens approximates the tissue pressure.


Some numbers for reference:

  • normal compartment pressures < 10 mm Hg
  • 30 mm Hg call surgeons for immediate surgical decompression.
  • 20 to 25 mm Hg are worrisom; 25 to 30 mm Hg may demand surgical decompression based on clinical findings.


References:; CALS website (w/ picture); FP notebook


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