practical wisdom: make a nice bandage

18 Dec

bit of wisdom from an October EP Monthly article by Dr. Silvermann, under the subheading of “Clean Up Your Own Mess” (another solid rule to live by):

“Because patients typically only see the bandage covering the lac repair, you want to make sure that it looks beautiful and everything else is cleaned up. They won’t judge your repair for a couple of days, but if the bandage looks good, they’ll think the whole thing looks good and they’ll leave happy.”


Sound advice.  I’ve been admittedly guilty of some haphazard rapid bandaging after taking time to do a meticulous lac repair (though oddly in retrospect, I do give particular effort in making a cosmetically pleasing splint, cast-padding, ACE wraps, and all), so a few extra seconds to make a nice-looking bandage/covering logically might do wonders for patient satisfaction.  


A brief PubMed search yielded little to nothing on this subject (if you find something, please forward it along), but it conceptually makes sense (our society is great at judging a book by its cover), and there’s little downside, so why not?


References: EP Monthly article; picture


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