quick ortho: MUGR

27 Jan

quick refresher for the upcoming in-service and/or boards:


MUGR (Monteggia=Ulna fx; Galeazzi=Radial fx)


Monteggia Fracture

  • Ulnar fracture, radial head dislocation
  • Mechanism: direct blow to forearm


Galeazzi Fracture

  • Radial fracture, ulnar dislocation
  • Mechanism: FOOSH with flexed elbow


MUGR (Monteggia=Ulna fx; Galeazzi=Radial fx)

  • Proximal to distal (Monteggia=>problem near elbow; Galeazzi=>problem near wrist)


References: Wheeless Monteggia & Galeazzi; monteggia pic; galeazzi pic


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