quick reference: what counts as Health-care Associated Pneumonia?

6 Feb


  • antibiotics within 90 days
  • current hospitalization >= 5 days
  • high frequency of antibiotic resistance in the community/hospital unit
  • presence of risk factors for HCAP
    • hospitalization >=2 days within 90 days
    • nursing home/extended care facility resident
    • home infusion therapy (incl. antibiotics)
    • chronic dialysis within 30 days
    • home wound care
    • family member with multi-drug resistant pathogen
  • immunosuppressive disease/therapy

This came up recently on a search to see if health care workers would be considered at risk for HCAP (technically, it appears ‘no’), though a brief search did not find much in the way of definitive statements. Anecdotally, practice patterns seem to differ.   Any discoveries/opinions appreciated in the comments section!


References: medscape 1, 2; thoracic.org; picture


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