suture through Steri-strips

19 Feb

nice trick for wound repair via January’s ACEP Now, especially if the patient has thin skin:



basic idea: if the skin is so thin that suture would just tear through it when adding tension to approximte the wound edges, use the steri-strips to “thicken” the skin, so you can now anchor the sutures without tearing through anything.

2 ideas:

1) use the Steri-strips to bring the wound together, then suture through ’em

2) don’t use the Steri-strips across the wound, but rather just as an added layer near the wound edges to give a “thicker skin” to suture through.

Neat ideas. Add it to the toolbox.


References: ACEP Now article + pictures; original 2011 article for idea 1


2 Responses to “suture through Steri-strips”

  1. Michael Buebel November 2, 2018 at 00:26 #

    I just use tegaderm (the clear see-through adhesive plastic we use for IV sites) for skin tears on thin skin, trying to reapproximate the wound edges.


  1. dermabond over steri-strips? | DAILYEM - May 12, 2015

    […] sense in theory (others have sutured over the steri-strips), found others who’ve tried this on a couple blogs, but otherwise the internet and PubMed are […]

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