cool resource:

5 Jun

came across this website, which has a number of handy blog posts and procedure videos on a variety of laceration repair techniques.  Great for the novice learner, with added tips/tricks (subculticulars, nailbed repair, thin skin, etc.) for the experienced practitioner, too.

One highlight that I use quite often: V to Y conversion

Basically, for a big V-shaped lac, the goal is to approximate the corner/apex first, then the rest becomes easy.


  • often needs higher tension, so start it like a horizontal mattress
  • throw a subcuticular around the corner/apex
  • bring it back like finishing up the horizontal mattress.
  • voila!


If you only have 60-seconds: Start at the 0:40 mark.


Just one example, but a good thing to have in the back pocket.

Keep the site in mind as a resource, too. Check it out at your leisure.


References: (+ picture & video).



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