Humeral Shaft Fracture

9 Jul

Important anatomy:

-insertion for pectoralis major, deltoid, coracobrachialis

-origin for brachialis, triceps, brachioradialis

-radial nerve courses along spiral groove


Important to evaluate for radial nerve palsy (wrist extension)


Non-operative treatment: cooptation splint

-arm flexed to 90 degrees

-splint just distal to the elbow up to the AC joint (sugar tong)

-no sling; instead use a “cuff and collar”, which supports the arm, while applying traction (see picture)


Acceptable reduction:

  • <20 degrees of anterior angulation;
  • <30 degrees of varus/valgus angulation;
  • < 3 cm shortnening


Source:, picture:; anatomy picture


Submitted by K Estes.

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