ultrasound visual aid: pillows, bags, and baths

24 Jul

quick tip for visualizing areas that are not flat planes (e.g. distal extremities, eyes, etc):

so you’ve probably heard about the gel “pillow” for ocular ultrasound (preferably with a tegaderm over the closed eye before adding the gel pillow)….



well, you can also try this quick tip via a recent ALiEM post:

try submerging (if feasible) the thing you want to visualize in a bath of water, or in a similar idea, throw an (intact) bag of saline or other IV fluid over it and then ultrasound through that as your medium.



add it to the toolbox.


References: gel pillow photo; ALiEM post with bath photo


One Response to “ultrasound visual aid: pillows, bags, and baths”


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