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Does lactate clearance and SVO2 goals have an effect on mortality?

24 Jul


A 41 yo male s/p lung transplant on immunosuppressants presents with dyspnea, fever, tachycardia, and SBPs in the 90s. His lactate is 6 and his SVO2 is 65%. What now?

Puskarich, Michael et al:

Question: Does lactate clearance and SVO2 goals have an effect on mortality?

Methods: 203 pts in septic shock. SVO2 and lactate clearance where checked and then followed.

Results: No agreement was found between reaching an SVO2 >70% or having lactate clear by 10% on mortality

Teaching point: Lactate and SVO2 cannot function alone as independent markers for ressucitation.

Submitted by W. Rushton.

Reference(s): Puskarich, Michael et al “Prognostic Value and Aggreement of Achieving Lactate Clearance or Central Venous Oxygen Saturation Goals During Early Sepsis Resuscitation” Society for Academic Emergency Medicine 2012; 19:25-258; picture